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Global Leader In Producing And Supplying Premium Forage

Quality Alfalfa and Hay 

At Bailey Farms International our quality assurance programs are designed to keep the customer’s needs in mind by employing individuals who are highly trained in quality assurance. Each process, whether double compressing or cubing, passes a 5 step quality control program which allows the product to be scrutinized before it is approved and cleared for shipping.

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400 KG Bales

Ideal for large scale commercial operations


All of our alfalfa, timothy, and other hay products are produced in high elevations. The slower growth rate at these elevations ensure a nutrient rich, palatable product. We have over 25 years of experience supplying alfalfa cubes, compressed alfalfa, timothy and other forage products globally and currently supply to the largest dairy farms in the world. Bailey Farms International also supplies the United States with alfalfa cubes, 3-string, and other products for equine and cattle markets. 

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