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    Getting you what you need, when you need it.

    We at Bailey Farms International understand the importance of on-time shipments, in other words shipping your product when you need it. It is our goal to meet the needs of each customer regardless of the size of the shipment. It is for this reason we have strategically placed our production facilities to easily utilize any of the five major Western US shipping ports noted below by the use of truck, intermodal containers or rail.

    • Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA
    • Oakland, CA
    • Seattle/Tacoma, WA
    • Portland, OR
    • Houston, TX

    With the power to use trucks, intermodal containers and/or rail, we are able to ensure timely delivery of your product, no matter the quantity. Along with this assurance we are confident that we can get you what you need, when you need it.


    The capacity to move large volumes quickly.

    Bailey Farms International has developed good working relationships with over 50 trucking companies to secure the necessary capacity to move large volumes quickly.
    We have also put forth the necessary time, effort and investment to build our own trucking fleet and related trucking company. With that investment, we have broadened our capabilities to obtain the necessary truck capacity to move large volumes to the necessary ports, in a short period of time.


    Rail yards literally minutes away.

    In addition to the many trucks Bailey Farms has available at our discretion, we have the capability to move your freight by rail. With rail yards literally minutes away from any of our three facilities, and a rail spur running along our Bear River City plant we have the opportunity to broaden the way your product is shipped.

    We also have the ability to truck containers to the Salt Lake City rail yard. With the use of super chassis we ensure single handling of your product. Along with the use of the rail comes easy access to any of the five major Western US shipping ports.


    Expanding your shipping options.

    Bailey Farms has teamed up with local importing businesses to access inbound intermodal containers. With this option we can offer our customers single handling of their product.


    The power to get you the space you need.

    We offer pricing on both a CNF and/or CY basis. You can choose to have us ship your product with the steamship of your choice on your contract or on our own contract. We will get your product to where it needs to be in a timely manner.

    We contract directly with a number of steamship lines to ensure the most competitive freight pricing to anywhere in the world. Because of the relationships we have built with the steamship lines and the large volumes we have shipped, we have the capability to get you the necessary space you require for your orders.

    No matter your location, you can rest assured that Bailey Farms International will get you what you need, where you need it.