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    Specializing in Quality Forage Products

    Bailey Farms International specializes in providing Quality Forage Products to a growing worldwide market. Our Alfalfa is grown in the Western United States in mild climate conditions which produces high quality product rich in protein and feed values. The harvesting season typically begins in late May and ends in mid September. Our products are protected from the elements utilizing large storage barns and full encompassing tarps which allow us to ship quality products year round regardless of weather conditions.

    Quality Products

    Customer Satisfaction is #1

    Our quality assurance programs are designed to keep the customer’s needs in mind by employing individuals who are highly trained in quality assurance. Each process, whether double compressing or cubing, passes a 5 step quality control program which allows the product to be scrutinized before it is approved and cleared for shipping.


    Product Diversification while upholding Product Integrity

    Small Double Compressed Bales

    Our small (25-30 kg, 55-66 lbs) double compressed bale maintains the integrity of the forage as Mother Nature intended, with exceptional fiber length and palatability. This product is small and compact, making it easy to deal with by hand or with equipment.

    Big Double Compressed Bales

    Our big (400-450 kg, 884-995 lbs) double compressed bale also has longer fiber length. This product is available in sleeve or wire-tie packaging; and it can be cut up to 4 times allowing for easier handling.


    Our cubes are processed in a manner to preserve fiber integrity and provide a consistent feed product. Cubes are available in bulk, or bags. Certified weed free product is also available for use on U.S. national forests.